Enabling The Hemp Industry Through Brands You Trust

We Promote, Educate, Partner and Invest In The Hemp Industry. 

What we Do and why we do it.

Hemp New Zealand is home to the largest and most iconic hemp brands in New Zealand. Our much loved brands bring collective experience in hemp cultivation, harvesting and processing, including R&D and innovation.  Hemp NZ Since 2008 has established through their iconic brand Hemp Farm® and strategic partners a leading position in the New Zealand hemp industry. 

“We are passionate about Hemp as a broad acre agricultural crop. Hemp offers a vital solution to the growing environmental challengers we face today”,

Our brand Hemp Farm® works with a vibrant grower group, which extends five regions, North and South Island. Hemp Farm® provides hemp foods, nutritional supplements and Promise®  provides natural skincare.

We are in partnership with NZ Natural Fibres to produce hemp fibre, yarn and non-woven products.

Our Brands and Partners.

Discover our iconic brands below.

Bulk Food

Supply bulk hemp to manufacturers, distributors, consumer brands and the hospitality industry.

Contact us on +64 7 5601020 or send us a message for advise.


We conduct world leading research and development alongside our international partners, focusing on medicinal CBD extraction.

Retail Products

Our hemp products range from delicious and nutritious hemp food, hemp skin care, hemp clothing and more.

Visit our online store to view our growing range of retail products.

Hemp Fibre & Hurd

We supply a range of bulk industrial hemp materials to numerous industries including textile, packaging, horticulture, animal care and construction.


Hemp seeds are amongst nature’s most nutritious foods and can be used for an incredibly diverse range of applications.

Regional Growth

We strive to create a better New Zealand by supplying industries with healthy and sustainable products, creating economic growth while supporting a plant based economy.


We support environmental sustainability by supplying plant-based proteins and sustainable industrial materials to a diverse range of industries.

Our integrated supply chain allows us to control quality every step of the way – from seed to shelf.

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