Hemp Seed Oil in Capsules (1000mg x 100)

Hemp Seed Oil in Capsules (1000mg x 100)

(35 customer reviews)


Everyday low prices… Fantastic Value!

  • Support Healthy Joints and Mobility
  • 100% New Zealand Grown
  • Cold-Pressed Hemp Seed Oil
  • Omega-Rich, Omegas 6 & 3 (Optimal  ratio)
  • No Fish Burps

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New Zealand Grown, Spray & Chemical Residue-Free

Hemp Farm®  hemp seed oil capsules contain an excellent source of polyunsaturated and essential fatty acids Omegas 6 to 3 – “essential” because our bodies cannot make them, so we need to get these from our diet. Unlike other sources of Omega essential fatty acids, hemp seed oil provides the ideal balance of Omega-6 to Omega-3 in a 3:1 ratio for optimal absorption including Gamma-linolenic acid (GLA).

Taken as a dietary supplement, our kiwi capsules provide many health benefits known to:

  • Support healthy blood pressure
  • Support healthy cholesterol
  • Support joint mobility
  • Support brain health
  • Support immunity
  • Support balanced mood
  • Support healthy organ function
  • Support healthy metabolism
  • Support cardiovascular health
  • Improve post-exercise recovery
  • Nourish skin, hair & nails
  • Support healthy hormone levels

Recommended Dosage: 2 – 6 capsules

Always read the label and use it as directed. Supplementary to a balanced diet.

100% New Zealand grown hemp, premium extra virgin hemp seed oil cold-pressed by Hemp Farm.
Softgel Capsules made from Gelatin, glycerol & purified water.

Artisan Awards

2023 Artisan Awards
We are proud to offer our 100% Premium New Zealand hemp seed oil in capsules. It has been recognised for its exceptional quality, winning the Silver Award at the 2023 Artisan Awards. Experience the benefits of our award-winning hemp seed oil today.

Always read the label and use as directed. Supplementary to a balanced diet.

For vegan or vegetarian diets, we recommend bottled Hemp Seed Oil.

How to store Kiwi hemp seed oil:

Once opened, ideally keep refrigerated. If you don’t have the fridge space, store it in a cool dark cupboard.

We grow hemp to supply industries with sustainable solutions to petrochemicals, to remediate many of the environmental and health challenges we face today.

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Dimensions 6.5 × 6.5 × 9.5 cm

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Each Softgel Capsule Contains:
New Zealand Hemp Seed Oil 1000mg
Equiv. to Omega 3 (Alpha linolenic acid) 213mg
Equiv. to Omega 6 (Linolenic acid) 548mg
Equiv. to Omega 6 (Gamma linolenic acid) 35mg
Equiv. to Omega 9 (Oleic acid) 82mg

35 reviews for Hemp Seed Oil in Capsules (1000mg x 100)

  1. johnyr7380 (verified owner)

    Great product and a great promotional price

  2. peteandkerry (verified owner)


  3. lynhaynz (verified owner)

    Awesome product. Hip pain has gone.

  4. peteandkerry (verified owner)

    What an absolutely AWESOME experience!! I suffer neck, spine and knee discomfort. My Husband also has recurring mobility issues. We started taking the supplements straight away and while it may be to early for the full effect to take place I have noticed my knees don’t hurt as much!! We will definitely be ordering more products when the time is due. THANK YOU SO MUCH for the wonderful products 🙂

  5. Jill Kerr-Scott (verified owner)

    I have been taking your hemp seed oil capsules for 3 months now and the change in my body has been amazing! I started taking them as I have fibromyalgia, polymyalgia and osteoporosis which causes lots of pain. The pain has not stopped but is more manageable and I am sleeping most of the night which in turn improves my mental health and wellbeing. Three months ago I was getting about 3 hours of sleep a night. I will remain on them now for ever and I’m more than happy to recommend them to others. Thank you so much Hemp New Zealand for having such a positive impact on my life.

  6. barryandalwynne (verified owner)

    Love the capsules. Been taking them for a couple years now

  7. cmclementnz (verified owner)

    I was recommended Hemp Seed capsules by a friend as I was having trouble with aching feet. Now the pain has gone. Easy to order and was even told it was in my letter box.

  8. howearth (verified owner)

    As usual great product prompt delivery.

  9. Chris (verified owner)

    Product arrived promptly and so far so good

  10. Anna Bateman (verified owner)

    My skin is feeling so much better for using they, I love them, and will be buying them regularly

  11. stephanie richards (verified owner)

    Lovely natural product. Excellent service. Thanks so much.

  12. katey.salmond (verified owner)

    Excellent product. My skin is clearer looking since I’ve been using it.

  13. good4soul (verified owner)

    Have been using this product daily for over a year and it has markedly improved not only my cholesterol levels but also eased an old shoulder injury and pain in my knees when going downstairs. Ordering was easy and delivery on time. Much appreciated.

  14. howearth (verified owner)

    As usual very prompt service and a wonderful product. Will keep buying these as they are a big help at keeping my joints moving.

  15. Yvonne Boyd (verified owner)

    Hemp Oil capsules keep my body moving. Joints are pain free.

  16. Sonya Reihana (verified owner)

    Excellent product. Super fast postage and hassle free order

  17. Dawn (verified owner)

    As usual I can’t say enough good things about this product. It keeps my bad knees working so I wouldn’t be without it. Keep up the good work Hemp Farm.

  18. Dawn Howearth (verified owner)

    Excellent product – keeps my knees moving with little pain.

  19. Barbara Hawkins

    I purchased on recommendation of a friend Hemp seed oil capsules as I have degenerative rheumatoid which is mainly kept in check with good diet and no wheat products. However, over the last few years, my favourite activities of gardening have been less due to inflammation of joints and tissues. I have now been taking this product for a month and thought it time to attempt some serious gardening. Normally after a few hours, I feel absolutely seized up, can barely get up and requiring anti inflammatory medication. For the first time in years. I actually did some heavy gardening over a three day period, axe wielding included and I ached, but it was a good ache, not a crippling pain and seizure of body as before. No anti inflammatory medication required. I have now recommended this to my colleague at work who is certainly going to be getting in touch soon. I’m just blown away with the results. I thought I was on the slippery slope of constant pain the minute I started anything which is a very depressing thought when you enjoy being active. It has given me a new lease of life I thought had gone . Long may it continue. It has not only helped my body, but helped my mental wellbeing. My gardening mojo is back 🙂

  20. adrion hemara (verified owner)

    Kia Ora my hemp farm I recently purchased hemp seed oil capsules I suffer from the gout ever since taking them haven’t had one flare up since taking the capsules I recommend using hemp seed oil

  21. Kaitlin Barnett (verified owner)

    So simple to take daily, and I noticed a great change in my acne scarring.

  22. Karen (verified owner)

    Makes such a difference to my wellbeing. Love this product

  23. howearth (verified owner)

    I have been using the Hemp Seed Oil capsules for a couple of years now and find them really good. They definitely help with the stiffness in my knees. Highly recommended.

  24. Lorna (verified owner)

    Had results within 2 weeks

  25. Gina (verified owner)

    Loving this product I have been suffering from extreme joint pain I have noticed with the hemp seed capsules within 3 weeks my joint was significantly reduced I highly recommend this product to anyone suffering from joint pain be it mild or bad

  26. kyzwinkley (verified owner)

    We have graduated from fish oil and won’t turn back. My daughters skin has cleared from acne and not so oily. Love it.

  27. robynvincent4

    We have been with Hempfarm since the beginning. And have been using this to control our daughters seizures.
    She is now two years seizure FREE
    18 years old with a motorcycle .
    This product is a must
    If you are using CBD to control Epilepsy

  28. Renata (verified owner)

    I found these help with my sleep quality and with intensity of headaches

  29. Ayu Martin (verified owner)

    I have been taking this for a month now and I can see my nails are stronger, the dry patches on my skin are disappearing and my hair dresser noticed my hair has grown so quickly – for someone in my age group (late 40s and proud).

  30. Cary Hartley (verified owner)

    I really live this product. Have noticed several positive change and feel great

  31. Yvonne boyd (verified owner)

    I would not go without my Hemp Seed Oil Softgel Capsules. They have lessened my eczema and arthritis pain. Also keeps the replaced knees going more smoothly.

  32. Deena (verified owner)

    Been taking these 3 weeks now and they great, help all over.

  33. Jazz Neale (verified owner)

    Totally in love with these capsules, so much so that I have upgraded to the bigger bottle! I have suffered with ezcema my whole life (25 years) and whilst many factors trigger it eg. water quality, food, sugar, sweat these capsules (4 a day then 6 a day after one week) have noticeably taken the raw redness out of the sores and now my skin can finally heal itself.

    Thank you Hemp Farm, I’m now totally converted! Loving how my skin feels after the facial cleanser too, the face moisturizer is next on the list!

  34. Susan Barber (verified owner)

    These are great. Really help with arthritis pain in my back. Also provide omega’s as I don’t eat fish.

  35. howearth (verified owner)

    As usual the service was very prompt next day delivery and great price on freight. Love the fact that you do smaller size pottles now (100 capsules) this is more affordable for me as I am on a pension and want to keep taking these. Your product is excellent and I feel that I definitely benefit from it.

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