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The Stalk

The stalk of the hemp plant is broken out into three sections, each of which is processed for different applications.

The exterior of the stalk has two types of fibres. The long fibres are ideal for creating long-lasting and durable products such as rope, netting and canvas. The balance of the fibres are used for fuels as well as paper products and cardboard.

The interior of the stalk has industrial applications such as being used in chemical absorbents, insulation and concrete.

Hemp Stalk - Industrial Hemp

Reflecting the new diversity hemp brings to its operations. This decortication system is designed to cleanly separate the bast fibre from the inner woody core – the hurd or shiv as it is called – from the stalk. Several thousand square bales of hemp straw will be processed within the next few months.

This fibre facility will roll out several added value products over time, aiming to reach plant capacity within a couple of years. Raw hemp fibre will be carefully blended with wool for products such as eco-matting, insulation, and wool yarn for carpets and more.  Hurd for hempcrete buildings will also become available.  “This is a massive breakthrough for New Zealand” says Dave, CEO of Hemp Farm and Hemp NZ. “This is just a start for the industry” he states.  “We are proud to have partnered with the yarn industry and with the iconic Carrfields to administer the HempFarm grower program in the South Island and we look forward to a vibrant future ahead for the companies involved”.

New Zealand Hemp Pioneers

Hemp NZ™ & NZ Yarn has declared it will before long start introducing hemp fibre preparing equipment in a space at its production line in Burnside, Christchurch.

The new plant joins a decorticator that will isolate hemp stalks into fibre and hurd. Hemp fibre can be utilized for some, applications running from apparel to furniture covers and ground surface. Among its characteristics, hemp fibre doesn’t require substance handling or blanching, is solid and strong, has great breathability and hostile to bacterial properties.

The hurd (or shiv), is the woody centre material of the hemp plant – it has applications as a fire retardant, in protection and can be utilized to make paper and bioplastic items.

The handling equipment, the first of its sort to be utilized in New Zealand, is being imported from the UK in a few shipments. The office is being set up in a joint organization between NZ Yarn and Hemp New Zealand Ltd. A year ago Hemp New Zealand gained a 15% enthusiasm for NZ Yarn.

The hardware is relied upon to be operational toward the finish of this current year, after which business handling of hemp stalks into fibre will begin utilizing crop material from the 2019 collect.

“We’re hoping to have the option to deliver an exceptionally great fibre utilizing productive handling procedures,” said Dave Jordan, CEO of HempFarm New Zealand. “This will help place New Zealand at the front line of hemp and normal fibre development comprehensively”.

It’s a major bounce from fleece preparing to hemp for NZ Yarn, however CEO Colin McKenzie is certain of achievement and considers hemp to be being a decent mix with its fleece activities – actually.

“There are many, numerous possible uses for hemp and flax fibre in woven items and it has massively energizing potential over an assortment of segments,” he said. “Among the potential uses we are investigating are fleece and hemp mixes for use in a delicate deck, and we know from discussions with our clients that there is as of now solid enthusiasm for this kind of item.”

Hemp can be grown in New Zealand with a permit from the Ministry of Health.


  • Biofuel/ethanol
  • Paper products
  • Cardboards
  • Fibres

Bast Fibre

  • Cordage/Rope
  • Netting
  • Canvas
  • Carpet
  • Biocomposites
  • Non-wovens
  • Clothes
  • Shoes
  • Bags


  • Animal bedding
  • Mulch
  • Chemical absorbent
  • Fireboard
  • Insulation
  • Concrete

Hemp Hurd

Hemp Hurd comes from the woody inner layer of the hemp stalk. It is extracted using our unique hemp decorticator, which separates the hemp fibre from the woody core.

Hemp Hurd is traditionally used as a construction material because it is fire-resistant, strong and insulating. It is also used as animal litter because it is a low allergen, absorbent, and controls odours.

Hemp Hurd can be used as a sustainable source of cellulose, as well as nano carbons, which are essential for current and future technologies.

Hemp Fibre

Hemp fibre comes from the outer layer of the hemp stalk. It is extracted using our unique hemp decorticator, which separates the hemp fibre from the woody core.

Hemp fibre is the strongest plant fibre in the world, and our fresh decortication produces the strongest hemp fibre.

HempFarm is committed to developing the New Zealand hemp fibre industry by utilizing the whole hemp plant 

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Hemp Hurd Grades




Hemp Hurd Medium


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