Our Growers Group


We work with hemp growers across New Zealand through our ‘Growers Group’. We provide growers with a full suite of services throughout the growing process and purchase their raw supply after harvest.


Growing Regions
  • Waikato
  • Hawkes Bay
  • Manawatu
  • Wairarapa
  • Canterbury


Soil Testing

We work with growers to determine whether their farmland is suitable for growing hemp. Other factors include; land contour, weather and insect and animal life


Our experienced team understand the intricacies involved in obtaining a government licence to grow hemp, and can guide growers through the process.

Seed Supply

We supply our growers with the world’s highest quality hemp seed. We provide different varieties of seed to ensure our growers’ crop is fit for purpose


Harvesting hemp is the most difficult part of the growing process. With world-leading harvesting equipment and capability, we can contract harvest a grower’s crop, avoiding the need to invest in expensive machinery.


Once harvested we can bale a grower’s crop so it is ready to be transported to our processing facilities




Leave it to us to organize the transport of your harvested crop from farm gate to our processing facilities.


Our state of the art processing facility in Tauranga allows us to produce the highest quality hemp hearts, hemp seed oil and hemp protein flour. We are also finalizing plans for a world-class fibre processing facility.

From Seed To Shelf