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Sustainable Nutrition

Sustainable Nutrition 

“The global pandemic has highlighted the importance of wellbeing and the strong connections between nutrition and mental health benefits.”

There is no denying that the cost of living has risen significantly here in Aotearoa as inflation hits a thirty year high. Food production here and overseas is being impacted by the consequences of the pandemic, inflation, war, rising fuel costs, labour shortages, as well as shipping and trade constraints. Now more than ever, we want reliable and sustainable access to food while reducing our reliance on imports.
According to Te Puna Whakaaronui, (New Zealand’s Primary Sector Think Tank), New Zealand will need to step up to compete with countries and enterprises already investing for tomorrow’s world.

Highlighted priorities were: 

  1. New Zealand’s ability to produce food in the future will be significantly impacted by climate change, and there is an urgent need to  gear up and adapt to navigate these changes. Reducing climate impact will require a holistic approach involving logistics, food processing and waste. 
  2. Focus on ethical, wholesome, and sustainable food options. The increase in “buy local” marketing initiatives has been influenced by concerns about supply security and climate change.   
  3. Focus on the growing demand for sustainable and plant-based products. Leading food manufacturers are innovating new products with better environmental credentials.  Plant-based foods are reaching new consumers by mimicking the taste, flavour and texture of meat, seafood, eggs, and dairy.  
New Zealand’s leaders, food producers, regulatory funding bodies and enablers need to gear up to respond to the factors shaping the economy. Structuring our food sector for growth must build on our strengths: te ao Māori, our people, our farming heritage, the existing food ecosystem and our love of our land, freshwater, and oceans.
This starts with recognising the impact nutritious food has on building, maintaining, and restoring physical and mental health.

How does hemp fit with this narrative?

We know that hemp can play a significant role in the long-term security and sustainability of our food systems.
From a climate-change perspective, hemp is a robust plant with less water requirements than other crops once established. With a deep tap root and a dense canopy that enables water retention, hemp also tolerates temperature extremes, and is frost tolerant.
People’s rising preferences for plant-based foods, rising occurrences of coeliac disease, the vegan population, and health consciousness among the population are some of the factors that will likely boost the hemp-based foods market’s growth. Hemp is increasingly being used in plant-based foods such as burgers, sausages, and “chicken”.
Hemp seeds have a remarkable nutritional profile, providing a wide range of health benefits from support for joints and mobility, to reducing anxiety, promoting sound sleep, supporting healthy hearts, and nourishing skin and hair to name just a few.

We believe that hemp will indeed “Be The Seed of Change”

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