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Law change makes hemp foods legal for humans

After many years of campaigning, the safe and nutritious hemp seed will finally be allowed for consumption in New Zealand. Food safety officials have okayed the superfood which is currently enjoyed by millions around the globe, making New Zealand and Australia being the last place on Earth to approve it.

Ministers at the NZ Ministerial Forum on Food Regulation in Adelaide have cleared hemp seeds for human consumption in New Zealand and Australia, with the new law hopefully coming into effect by November 2017.

Food Safety Minister David Bennett said New Zealand has endorsed the decision, noting the lack of THC in hemp seeds, he stated that hemp has no psychoactive effect and was considered nutritious and safe to eat.


Hemp bliss balls are eaten around the world.

This is great news for many hemp businesses in New Zealand, who have been hearing the calls from consumers to supply hemp seeds, but have until now been unable to meet that clear demand. With the global market for hemp seeds worth around $1 billion, this move is forecast to eventually generate up to $20m in exports, and many New Zealand jobs.

Mr Bennett sees that hemp is an exciting new industry, stating “these seeds do not require either fertilizer or irrigation. Because of the low inputs, research has put the farm gate revenue for hemp seed between $4000 and $5000 per hectare. The growth of the seeds will also lead to job creation in New Zealand from processing the seed crop into oil, flour, protein and hulled hemp seeds.”

Until the law comes into effect, consumers will still continue to have access to hemp seed oil for their meals, and protein products for their animals.

The Hemp Farm wants to thank all of our customers for supporting us and helping to lobby our government by writing letters, emails and making phone calls. Without your tireless efforts, this would not have come to fruition. We look forward to supplying you with hemp seeds as soon as possible. Please sign up to the newsletter to be notified!

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