Hemp Farm Donating Hemp Milk to Fair Food - Hemp New Zealand™
Fair Food - Feeding People Not Landfill

Hemp Farm Donating Hemp Milk to Fair Food

About Fair Foods and the good work they do

Fair Food has been rescuing fit-to-eat good food from growers, supermarkets and the like – & delivering it free-of-charge to numerous charities, social agencies and foodbanks – for over 10 years.

This includes women’s refuges, budgeting services, maraes, refugee centres, homeless & teen pregnancy agencies among others – even The Salvation Army food banks all over Auckland who rely on us for fresh produce, to complement their dried goods.

So yes, while we are not a household name, Fair Food is in thousands of households every day.

In fact, for many facing food scarcity, we are how they get their fresh produce and protein.

Kilos of food saved: 382,599
Meals delivered: 1,132,599
Kilos of waste reduced: 2,382,599

Fair Food

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