Everything You Need To Know About Plant Protein Powders in NZ

Boost Your Health With The Best Plant Protein Powders In NZ

Supports a Healthy Digestion & Muscle Repair

Hemp protein is an extremely versatile whole food supplement, and you can add this nourishing plant-based protein to pretty much everything and anything, sweet or savoury. The protein powder has a nourishing formula providing all nine essential amino acids that help your body work harder and recover faster from exercise while supporting a healthy immune system, hair, skin, and nails.

Hemp Farm Protein, No Fillers, No Sweeteners, 100% Natural
UK Vegan Society Certificate

Vegan Certified

5 Star Health Rating

5 Star Health Rating


100% New Zealand

No Animal Testing | Cruelty Free

No Animal Testing

Keto Friendly

Keto Diet Safe

Chemical free

Chemical Free



Complete Protein

Complete Protein



Plant based

Plant-Based Superfood

Hemp Protein Nutritional Breakdown:

Per Serving 30
Energy 444 kJ
108 Cal
Protein 15g
Fat, Total 2.55g
– Saturated 0.4g
– Trans <0.02g
– Polyunsaturated 1.8g
– Monounsaturated 0.29g
Carbohydrate 3.9g
– Sugar 1.08g
Dietary Fibre 4g
Calcium 63mg
Potassium 540mg
Magnesium 250mg
Sodium <1.5mg
Protein Powder Health Star Rating
Fast delivery on an amazing product I use on a daily basis in my smoothies. I can’t remember the last time I was unwell – and I put it down to using hemp seed protein. I’m the healthiest I’ve ever been!

About Hemp, as a Plant-Based Protein

Hemp Protein Powder is a superior plant-based protein. It is made by milling seed cake, a nutrient dense product that is left over after cold pressing raw hemp seed into hemp seed oil. This protein rich powder contains on average 50% complete protein per serving, plus an optimal 3:1 ratio of omegas 6 to 3 fatty acids. Omega fatty acids are heart healthy fats.

Each serving of 30g contains: 15g Protein and 2g Omega Fatty Acids with a  5 Star Health rating!

Dietary fibre is essential to a healthy diet, as well as gut health and digestion. An added bonus of Hemp Protein powder is that is contains an array of vitamins and minerals, including magnesium.

Hemp Protein is easily digested, since it is made up of two primary types of protein, Edestin (65%) and Albumin (35%).

Whole hemp seeds contain 80% soluble fibre and 20% insoluble fibre. Soluble fibre slows down digestion by attracting water to create a gel-like substance in your gut. In addition to feeding the good bacteria in your gut, soluble fibre binds to substances like cholesterol and sugar and prevents or slows their absorption into the blood. This helps prevent blood sugar spikes and regulates cholesterol levels.

Hemp protein is an amazing resource in the kitchen aside from smoothies.

It’s a versatile ingredient that can be added to bread, brownies, muffins, protein balls, and breakfast cereals. Check out our plant-based recipes, easy to follow and taste delicious!

Hemp protein works better in some recipes than others due to its natural chlorophyll content and slightly green colouration. It’s low in cholesterol, rich in magnesium, giving you energy for the day, assisting in healthy nervous system function, and keeping you regular!

  • Supports a Healthy Digestion. No more bloating!
  • Support Muscle and Repair.
  • Supports a Healthy Immune System.
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